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Caleb Arthur at International Coworking Day

08 • 11 • 2017

Caleb Arthur, CEO of Sun Solar  spoke on Wednesday to several of our coworkers (as well as new faces) at CAST for International Co-Working Day. …

International Coworking Day

08 • 08 • 2017

Wednesday | August 4, 2017 | All Day Coworking is all about collaboration, connectedness, and support – what better way to celebrate Internationa…

Meet the CAST

06 • 28 • 2017

Our members allow CAST to thrive. Through them, we are able to provide an adaptive, simulating, and positive cowork space to cultivate awesomeness. …

Shoot Portraits, Not People

06 • 28 • 2017

CAST's recent art installation near the entrance is meant to be thought-provoking and shocking.  Shoot Portraits, Not People  by Jason Siegel …

Why Cowork?

06 • 28 • 2017

Coworking has been a hot buzz word recently; but what is coworking and why should you be interested in it? CAST Co+Work+Space founder, Matt …