Cast Member Spotlight: Marisa Frazier & Kane Sheek

Marisa Frazier & Kane Sheek – Sierra Club

Welcome to the Cast blog and our periodic peek into what fellow coworkers have cooking! This month we turn our attention to the newest chefs in the Cast Co+Work+Space kitchen, Marisa Frazier and Kane Sheek of the Sierra Club.

Marisa and Kane became members in February after previously working remotely. They represent the White River Group for the Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club and are excited to have joined our community. Let’s check in with them and find out more about the work they’re so passionate about!

Nationally, the Sierra Club consists of 3.5 million members and supporters but considers itself a grassroots environmental organization. Its state and local chapters comprise a network of volunteers and a few staff members. The Missouri Chapter is governed by an Executive Committee of volunteers and its stated purpose is “to explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the Earth; to practice and promote the responsible use of the Earth's ecosystems and resources...”

To facilitate this mission, Marisa and Kane are full-time staff members of the White River Group—one of four area groups under the umbrella of the Missouri Chapter. Locally, the White River Group partners with the City of Springfield and Adopt-a-Stream to assist in cleaning area waterways. The group also hosts a variety of meetings, events, and hikes for the public each month.

Marisa and Kane wouldn’t be joining us without all the hours, energy, and unique skills supplied by their volunteers.

“We’re a nonprofit; we don’t have a lot of money,” Kane says. “The one thing we have on our side and know is behind us is our people.”

These volunteers also contribute essential specialized knowledge and experience, which allows the Sierra Club staff to focus on the larger picture.

“We’re like the jack-of-all-trades, but our volunteers know so much about specific issues,” Marisa says.

For 2019, Marisa is concentrating on Missouri’s State Parks. She’s specifically focused on four that either haven’t opened or are closed—Ozark Mountain, Bryant Creek, Eleven Point, and Jay Nixon State Parks.

Kane has his sights set on a renewable energy and responsible building campaign dubbed “Ready for 100.” By committing to Ready for 100, cities agree to work toward 100% renewable energy utilities by 2035 and be fully renewable, including transportation and waste, by 2050. He’d like to see Springfield join the 105 American cities, District of Columbia, and two states adopting the program.

Marisa and Kane are looking forward to the networking opportunities and coworking resources at Cast. After “roughing it” in the wilds of working remotely, this environmental duo has landed in our coworking community and have already planted their roots.

“I’m so excited about working at Cast and what we can accomplish here,” Kane says.


02 • 13 • 2019

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