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Our members allow CAST to thrive. Through them, we are able to provide an adaptive, simulating, and positive cowork space to cultivate awesomeness. Check our members out!


“We are passionate creative thinkers. It’s in our DNA.

But creative work is just a house of cards if the brand strategy isn’t spot on. Our marketing team excels at creating a rock solid brand strategy. That foundation, that blueprint, is vital. Brandigm’s approach to strategy is driven by our research. We ask questions. And we dig for the best solutions. Brandigm turns over every stone to find the actionable data. Our team will make sure the insights we derive lead to a superb strategy.

To bring that strategy to life, we know it all comes down to execution. That’s why we believe design matters. And when brilliant design incorporates outstanding copy, we shift the thinking.

So you can move mountains.

Welcome to Brandigm.”

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” - Sun Tzu, Chinese general, 500 BC

The Nature Conservancy

"The Nature Conservancy is the world's leading conservation organization. Established more than 60 years ago, the Missouri program has an impressive history of success.

As Missourians, we love hiking through a prairie blanketed with vibrant wildflowers, floating down a clear, spring-fed stream, or camping in an Ozark forest. These lands and waters are a part of our natural heritage, and they provide us with food, water, energy, shelter, and a place to play.

With the support of our committed members and partners, we have protected more than 150,000 acres of our state's natural treasures, including the forests and rivers of the Missouri Ozarks and the vast sea of prairie in the Grand River Grasslands."

30 DPS

“30dps helps businesses be found and prosper. Using proven inbound marketing methodologies, we harness the tools needed to identify the content needs of our clients’ target audiences. Armed with that information, we are able to assist businesses in making continuous improvement to build a loyal and engaged audience, drive increased sales, and improve ROI.

We are proud to serve clients coast to coast, and having a new presence in Springfield, 30dps is delighted to be working with local manufacturer Paul Mueller Company in the development of a new content-rich powerhouse website, driven by a marketing automation platform to expedite and measure results.”

Tri-State Water Resource Coalition

“Tri-State Water Coalition is a group of municipalities, counties and water providers pulling together to develop additional regional water supply for southwest Missouri.  Adequate water supply is essential to life and the economic health and development of our communities. To fulfill our mission, Tri-State Water has investigated potential sources of additional water supply to meet the needs of our member communities, and is taking action to fulfill the requirements for development of those supplies.”


Jordan from Buffer, “I work for a social media startup called Buffer where I code our iOS app. We make sharing on social media for individuals, large or small business’ and anything in between fun, collaborative, informative and easy. We’re also a fully remote company with no office anywhere, and we’re spread across the entire globe. I’m almost always the only American in most of my meetings! Beyond that, we believe in the value of transparency - so you can find all of our earningseach of our salaries and just about anything else about our company for all to see.”

Demi Creative

“We're a creative studio excelling in custom web design, graphic design and brand development. We work with a wide range of clientele including nonprofits, startups and small businesses.”

Missouri Stream Team

Stream Teams United is a 501c3 non-profit who works to support the Missouri Stream Team Program and Stream by serving through education, stewardship, and advocacy.  We facilitate connectivity of Stream Teams statewide and serve as a united voice for Missouri's over 115,000 miles of flowing waters.

Stream Teams United strives to support the Stream Team Program in ways state agency sponsors cannot.  Some successes include:  Offering grants and scholarships to our Stream Team Associations, hosting Paddle Mo a unique experience down the last 100 miles of the Missouri River, developing and implementing statewide educational and stewardship programs such as the Missouri Clean Marina program, we were the first to compile-analyze-and interpret the 25 years of Missouri Stream Team Volunteer Monitoring Data and publish the State of Missouri Streams reports, and most recently we are educating and encouraging our Stream Team Community to VOICE their opinions on issues that affect our state’s waterways through grassroots advocacy efforts.

EFCO Corporation

“EFCO Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of architectural aluminum window, curtain wall, storefront and entrance systems for commercial architectural applications. Headquartered in Monett, Missouri, our mission is to be the most trusted supplier in commercial architecture. We seek to provide customers with the highest level of quality, innovation, value, and service.

To achieve this goal, we adhere to the same principles and values that shaped who we are today; values such as manufacturing excellence, technological innovation, environmental stewardship, and dedicated customer service.

EFCO welcomes opportunities to build on its commitments to technology, innovation and total satisfaction by keeping pace with the evolving needs of our customers. It is a commitment that doesn’t stop with our products. EFCO has made it a priority to be a proponent of energy conservation and recycling during manufacturing. By focusing on taking time and waste out of our processes through continuous improvement, we’re not only using resources responsibly, we’re even better poised to expand on our commitment to customer satisfaction as the premier supplier of architectural fenestration products.”


06 • 28 • 2017

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