Shoot Portraits, Not People

CAST's recent art installation near the entrance is meant to be thought-provoking and shocking. Shoot Portraits, Not People by Jason Siegel Photography causes viewers to stop and stare. It forces the viewer to think differently from the norms of society.

In his first non-photography based art project, Jason states, "Shoot Portraits, Not People" moves beyond the elements of still photography and captures the archetype of both guns and cameras as universally recognized symbols of provocateur. The display of one of a kind custom camera weaponry is accompanied by other military themed accessories that create an interactive and immersive installation. The attention to detail is impeccable with each gun being constructed by hand-picked parts chosen from over 200 pounds of camera parts specifically sourced for this project."

Artwork is a big deal at CAST. We want our workspace to be creative, authentic, modern, and relevant to the world. We want to cultivate these ideas into a cooperative space, not just another area to set your laptop down and work.


06 • 28 • 2017

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