Take Note – Our Favorite Apps, Notebooks and Planners to Stay Organized

While it’s not always easy, we all know that staying organized (or at least trying to!) is one of those life hacks to succeed at adulting at work and at home. Keeping track of project deadlines, meeting notes, coworker birthdays, and to do lists is a Herculean task if you’re trying to simply commit it all to memory – there’s no reason you can’t use that method, of course, but your memory will serve you better if you write it down. A Post-It note (or ten) here and there can work in a pinch, but to really keep yourself on track, try using some of our favorite apps, notebooks and planners.

Apps: Apps tend to be one of the easiest ways to take notes. Most of us carry some form of tech with us the majority of the time, whether it’s a phone, tablet or laptop, and then all of your recordings are in one place, not to mention that your can back up your device to cloud storage in case you ever lose it. “I use Notes for iOS/MacOS, Notability on iPad with an Apple Pencil and then sometimes Bear [app],” said CAST coworker Jordan Morgan.

Notes is Apple’s basic note taking app, and can be easily accessed to collect your typed-out thoughts, saved links, photos, etc. You can then sync Notes across all your Apple devices. Notability is the most popular note taking app for iPad users – it’s a one stop shop for note taking needs, including sketching, audio recording, PDF annotation and document sharing. Bear is “a beautiful, flexible writing app for creating notes and prose,” and you’ll probably love it as much as we do when you discover all the features; this app allows you to link notes, create hashtags to set up an organizational structure that’s all your own, and select your favorite themes and typography for your notes, just to name a few reasons we enjoy using it so much. Another well known note taking app is Evernote – this app has a solid organizational structure than can help even the most cluttered of coworkers keep everything neat and clean. With Evernote, you can clip whatever you need from the web, photos or PDFs, share your notes with other coworkers and even search for text and handwriting within images. Take note (yes, pun intended!) – with this app, you can download the Basic version for free, or you can purchase a Premium subscription for $69.99 a year. The Premium version includes more storage, plus cool features like offline mode, scanning ability, live customer support and more. Finally, Microsoft’s OneNote app (compatible with Windows, Apple and Android) is another classic favorite. With this app, you can access your notes even if you’re offline. Syncing and sharing is easy with OneNote, and another fun feature allows you to take notes in ‘ink,’ meaning you can use your finger or a stylus to write or highlight in your chosen color. You can even convert your brightly colored scribbles into typed text when you’re done!

Notebooks and Planners: There is certainly nothing wrong with kicking it old school and taking notes the old-fashioned way. We’ve got plenty of favorite notebooks and planners to record things in. Leuchtturm1917 makes lovely, functional notebooks and planners to fit every need. Some personal favorites include their 1917 Metallic Edition Notebook and their gorgeous Copper Summer Notebook, complete with numbered pages. This company also creates customized notebooks with your personal logo. BlueSky makes some of our favorite planners and trust us when we say there is a planner for every style! From basic, businesslike Collegiate to pineapples and polka dots to floral, you won’t have any trouble finding a weekly or monthly planner that speaks to you. BlueSky also offers versatile calendars, binders and a variety of notebooks to keep you organized. We’re also all about Moleskine weekly planners – they’re sleek, professional and the perfect size to write out your meeting dates, task lists, etc., plus they give you plenty of space to pencil in anything unexpected.

Whatever your note taking style, give one of these a try to keep yourself on track this week. Don’t forget to collaborate with your coworkers about their favorite note taking strategies, apps and products!

By Klaire Howerton


06 • 25 • 2018

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