Work Your Way Out of The Box and Into Your Space

You’ve finally decided to rent an office or desk space at Cast, or perhaps you’ve been here for awhile already. The vibe is great, the people are friendly, and you have access to a number of amenities that include sophisticated meeting and conference rooms, a multifunction printing station, local beer on tap, and a full kitchen. Even with all the innovative benefits that Cast has to offer, though, it can be easy to stay inside your box and get caught up in the daily grind of deadlines, new projects and spreadsheets. Don’t stay in the box – get out into your coworkspace community!

Get Social: Cast hosts weekly and monthly social events to help you meet and engage with your coworkers. Whether you are introvert or an extrovert, these social gatherings are the perfect low-key way for you to make meaningful connections within your coworking community and have a little fun at the same time – you can’t have all work and no play! Cookies and Cocktails, held every Thursday at Cast Executive at 4:30pm, is one of the most popular gatherings (how could it not be, when cookies are provided?). Other events include sustainability tours that highlight all the LEED certified features at Farmers Park, group lunches and picnics in the greenspace. Break your routine and make some new acquaintances – you’ll be glad you did.

Read All About It: With so many businesses and entrepreneurs that call Cast Co+Work+Space and Cast Executive home base, and different events happening each month, it can be hard to keep up with what’s current in the community. Not to worry, Cast has you covered there too with a monthly email newsletter! Make sure to give this a read when it hits your inbox – you’ll find event invites, business and coworker spotlights, birthdays, book reviews, what’s on tap and more. It’s a convenient way to stay educated on workspace happenings so you don’t miss a beat.

Like and Follow: Follow Cast on social media platforms as another way to get involved with not just your coworking community, but others as well! You’ll often find informative articles about the benefits of coworking, how to run successful meetings and what apps are hitting the coworking scene coming across your feed, plus fun music suggestions and inspiring quotes from entrepreneurs and leaders who encourage us to be the best we can be. Like and follow, friends!

Brainstorm with Others: One of the best parts about residing in a co-workspace like Cast here in Springfield, Mo (and soon in Bentonville, AR!) is the people. Our space is designed to encourage communication and connection – so the next time you’re stuck for ideas on a project, reach out! Even if your office neighbor doesn’t work in the same field as you, they can still offer insight and a fresh perspective – plus, you have the added benefit of taking a break from your problem to visit with another human, and that alone can sometimes help dissolve your mental barriers.

Change Your Scenery: One of the great parts about being a Cast coworking member is that you’re not confined to just your office space, or even the whole of the coworking office itself – you have multiple places on the Farmers Park property where you can work, thanks to Wifi. So get outside! Take your projects to the Plaza, the picnic tables situated by The Press, the Cloud House, or anywhere in the greenspace and breathe in that fresh air. Worried about how your tech might hold up to the elements? The Muse recommends “If you’re planning to take your work outside routinely, find a laptop or tablet with a glare-free screen. Some brands even make laptops suited for the outdoors with built-in protections for working in the elements. If you’re not ready for that investment, get a laptop or tablet sleeve that can protect your tech tools from falls, splashes, and sun.”

Listen Up: Sometimes you have to get in the zone and get the work done, with minimal visiting or breaks – and that’s okay! Keep yourself focused on your space by popping in some earbuds or slipping on headphones. It’s kind of the universal coworking space code that you need some alone time! Try listening to your favorite genre of music or an e-book by an author you admire. Or, tune in to a podcast – we recommend The Tim Ferriss Show,’ and How I Built This.’

Get Caffeinated: If you’re like most folks, chances are you need an AM caffeine boost to really start your day off right (or a PM caffeine boost – really, we’re not judging). Luckily for you, Cast provides your local coffee fix with a brew from The Press and Coffee Ethic, with fresh batches made all throughout the day. Whether you’re trying to wake up to get ready for the big meeting, or energize yourself for a post clock out workout, we’ve got you covered. So gather round the coffee maker with your coworkers, have that steaming cup of joe you deserve, and congratulate yourself on making the most of your space!

By: Klaire Howerton
May 18, 2018


06 • 13 • 2018

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